by Maygar

So you want to become the most renowned pirate of the seven seas and let the world tremble at the sound of your name ?

I’m afraid fame doesn’t come this easily matey, you’ll have to work hard to to earn it !

Every good adventure starts in a Tavern

It’s time to stop drinking all day at the Shipwrecked Inn and start recruiting people to join your crew.

However, as ambitious as you may sound, people only know you for singing sea shanties at the top of your lungs and causing havoc in the tavern after a few glasses of rum !

So sober up and make a name for yourself ! Head outside, buy a ship and prove to these drunken sailors that you are better than them, and able to lead both on land and sea. Grow your reputation and make them beg to join you on your adventure.

Time to set sail !

Cast off, all sails out !! 

It is now time for you and your crewmates to set sail to the open ocean. 

Your true pirate journey can finally begin. Pillage merchant ships, fight the royal navy forces, or attack other pirates. In short, make your name feared across the seven seas.

But remember that a good captain takes good care of his crew or he will end up alone on his raft.

Send other pirates to the bottom of the ocean

Stealing from rich merchants is not enough ? That other pirate captain is a threat to you ?

Gather your fleet, chase the bugger, engage in a fearsome battle and give no mercy !!

Dead men tell no tales, so send the to Davy Jones’ Locker !

Make your way to the top by defeating any other player that could get into your way.

Build a safe pirate haven in the New World

Every once in a while you need to make land to restock on supply, spend the night with hookers at the tavern, and tell the tales of your legendary adventures.

Build a safe haven for any pirates seeking to make land and spend the night, bring more gold by attracting wealthy merchants and defend the place from any royal navy attempting to reclaim the islands.

The New World’s freedom depends on you !

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