Canon Fighting and more !!

by Maygar

So this month has been pretty epic and full of new stuff. Where to start ?

First of all, just after making the last post, I received an email from a talented composer saying he really like the looks of the game so far, and that he wants to make the music and themes for it ! So we chatted a bit and I listened to the pieces he composes, and they sound really epic, and would be great for Pirates : Battle for the New World !

So let me introduce you Andrew LiVecchi, a Canadian composer, specialized in epic music ! You can listen to his past projects on his website or on his YouTube channel. Please tell us what you think of this collaboration.

As I write this post, he already composed 2 pieces : the main theme that you can hear in the video above, and an exploration theme, that you might hear in the future. He is also currently working on a more combat and action focused piece, so prepare to have an overload of epicness !!

To support all this epicness, I started making the ship combat system. Having some canons firing and some ship sinking was really satisfying to see with this music in the background.

There is of course still more to be done for this combat system, like making some nice UI and different canonballs having different effects for example. Making an interesting AI is also a very important next step towards making some epic quests taking you to great combat scenes !!

This video also shows some nice thunderstorm raging during the combat, which makes it even more epic !

Please tell us here or on our Discord server what you think of all of this. And please share the news around you, help spread the word.

See you soon !

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