A new game ?

by Maygar

Small break in the development of the main game Pirates : Battle for the New World with a challenge : Create a game and publish it, all in one afternoon ! 

I started at around 2 PM with a simple infinite runner style game but instead of running, you need to jump from one platform to the next. I then quickly added two types of jump to add some variety and spawned them randomly as you progress forward.

After some time testing I decided to add some difficulty by making the platforms fall as you land on them, and later added some portals that would change the gravity.

The gravity shift was quite the challenge to align the platforms correctly with the jumps but in the end added a really nice touch to the game.

I then created a small store interface allowing you to buy new skins for the player. I will probably update it with a bunch of new skins to buy in the future.

By around 10 PM I finally uploaded the apk to the Google Play Store (only available for Android, sorry Apple users) and Jump Away was finally downloadable the next day. You can now find it on the Play Store here.

The following days I was focused on fixing a few bugs and uploading some updates, and I’m pretty happy with the state of the game now.

I will now go back to the development of the main game Pirates, a lot of great news are coming ! 

See you very soon!

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