Going forward – The Rebirth

by Maygar

In late 2019, I started creating Pirates : Battle for Tortuga, a new approach to a classic game : Battleship. Unfortunately, I had to pause the development for some time due to a lot of stuff happening at the same time in my life.

But I refuse to add this game to the already too big list of unfinished projects, so now that the website is done, I have a bit more time to continue the development.

This pause allowed me to think quite a lot about this game, and realized that it was not enough for me, I knew that I wanted to do better, to push it further, but how ?

Let me describe the new idea behind Pirates : Battle for Tortuga, and I hope you will be as excited as I am about this new direction, this rebirth. You may also find a nice description of the game here.

First of all, I want to steer away from the “arcade” style of what the game is today, towards a more “adventure/role playing/strategy/resource management” style (I know, it’s a lot of styles at once, but it will all make sense, just keep reading). So you will finally be able to make your character evolve in a dangerous and exciting new world !

You will start your journey as a young sailor with a big ambition : becoming the most famous and feared pirate captain the world has ever known. However, you can’t do that by yourself, so the first part of your adventure will be to recruit other sailors to form a crew, and to buy a ship.

From then on, you can set sail and raid merchant ship and other players’ crews, all bringing you fame and fortune.

With this fame and fortune, you can of course attract more people into joining your adventure, growing your crew, but you might also want to spend some of that money to help rebuild Tortuga island, after the last attack from the king’s army.

The French, English and Spanish kings all want to claim this island for themselves, and are frequently attacking and burning the city to the ground to take it from one another. What this island really needs is someone brave enough to resist the kings, repel them, and make Tortuga a free land, and safe haven for everyone, including pirates from across the seven seas.

Will you be this leader Tortuga needs ? Will you be capable of repelling the invaders, rebuild Tortuga and become the most famous -and most wanted- pirate captain of the seven seas ?

I hope this very rough pitch will get you as excited about this game as I am, and I assure you that, moving forward, I will be very dedicated to make this game, the best experience I can possibly create !

If you want to learn more details about this game, check out its dedicated page, and if you want to chat with me or ask me questions about it, come join my Discord server

Cheers !

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