A new ocean !

by Maygar

As announced previously, the game is under a complete rework, and here’s a first little peak at what I have been working on lately and I hope you enjoyed this little preview video.

First of all, since this game will be focused on exploration and sea battles all around the new world, we decided to change its name to Pirates : Battle for the New World. This new name will better reflect the scale of the threat which is not only affecting Tortuga island, but all the islands in the New World !

For most of the game you will be navigating through the open ocean so I had to make this feel as natural and cool as possible. To do this, I use a new awesome Ocean System called Crest that just looks amazing !

I then went on and created some islands and populated some vegetation on them to make them more interesting when sailing around.

While it’s not finished yet, I think the awesome looking water, and the realistic control you have on your ship makes it already feel really good to navigate around and explore new places.

There is still a lot to be done, but let this be the milestone marking the beginning of an epic new adventure !

See you all soon !

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